let's step into action

We have a wide variety of workshops, teach-ins, projects, and activities planned for January 20. Most of the workshops take place on-site at the Monroe County Public Library and the Buskirk-Chumley Theater, although there are several events taking place in other locations. Events at other venues are clearly marked as such on the full schedule of the day's events.

Registration for limited-capacity workshops has ended, but we have lots of drop-in sessions available; see below!

Props, thanks, and gratitude to all of our workshop facilitators and our participating organizations for lending their experience and expertise to Inaugurate the Revolution.

Project work & Direct action

Join with local mutual aid organizations and activist groups to enact justice and solidarity in our community.

Direct Action
with Bloomington Solidarity Network

Bloomington Solidarity Network is a mutual-aid organization of tenants and workers who use direct action to pressure abusive landlords and bosses to act within the bounds of both legality and decency toward their tenants and employees. Join us at noon in front of the Monroe County Public Library for a direct action against a local slumlord, and let the exploiters in Bloomington know that you won't sit back while they profit from poor living conditions! 

(More information here.)

Project work

Further details forthcoming.


60 MINUTEs | 90 MINUTEs | 2 HOURs | extended sessions

Check-in will begin at 9:00 a.m. at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater. The first round of sessions will begin between 9:30–10:00 a.m., and the last round of sessions will end around 5:00. We encourage all participants to join us as we march through downtown at 5:15, arriving at the rally at the BCT just before 6:00.

60-minute sessions

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Food Sovereignty Action Workshop
    with Bloomington Food Policy Council

    Too many people are already hungry in Bloomington and with the coming retrenchment of social services and safety nets, people who are already marginalized, targeted, or vulnerable will be at even greater risk of food insecurity. The BFPC fights for Food Justice—the ability for all people to have access to healthy, locally grown, and culturally appropriate foods—and for Food Sovereignty, the ability of the Bloomington community to produce sufficient quantities of healthy, seasonal, and culturally appropriate foods to meet both immediate and long-term nutritional needs, even in the face of economic or environmental shocks.

    Join our workshop to learn about how you can grow food at home, coordinate shared garden space (through apps) with neighbors, join a growing network of local food gardeners, and change local laws and policies to allow neighborhood farmstands and to promote urban agriculture for all!

    Learn more about the host: Bloomington Food Policy Council

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Refugee Crises and Resettlement Workshop
    Oxfam and No Lost Generation

    This workshop will provide participants with a quick summary of the refugee crisis and the stigmas and myths surrounding it. During the session, attendees will also be able to participate in a letter-writing campaign and will be provided the appropriate contact info to get in touch with their representatives in order to ensure that refugees are advocated for and fully supported upon resettlement. This workshop is particularly relevant for Bloomington residents as we await an influx of refugee families into our community. It will help ground our understanding of refugee histories and needs as we move forward in making space for them.

    Learn more about the hosts: Oxfam and No Lost Generation

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Maximizing Your Vote: Building a People's Party
    with Bloomington Green Party

    Building a political party outside of the corporate-controlled two-party system is nearly impossible thanks to roadblocks put in place by Republicans and Democrats. However, as Maine showed us in this last election, there is a way for minor parties to break through: ranked-choice voting.

    Join the Bloomington Green Party to learn about ranked-choice voting, participate in a demonstration wherein participants will have a say in what the BGP will focus on locally over the next 2–4 years, and join us for our first action demanding more choices and more voices in Indiana as we build a coalition to establish ranked-choice voting across Indiana.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Media Literacy: The Normalization of Oppression
    with IU Black Student Union

    News and media platforms are guilty of presenting “alt-right” groups as think-tank organizations instead of calling them what they really are: white supremacists. Alternatively, the media justifies the tragic murder of black lives and the lives of people of color by depicting victims of state violence as miscreants and criminals. Our workshop will focus on the framing techniques used by the media to normalize oppression and sanitize racism. It will also require participants to critically approach different forms of media and construct op-eds that critique editorials so that attendees can promote antiracism in local and national media outlets.

    Learn more about the host: IU Black Student Union

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Letter Writing for Prisoners

    One of the primary functions of prison is to isolate those held captive. If we are to actively and effectively fight prison, we have to break down this isolation by establishing contact with prisoners and forming relationships of mutuality and shared struggle. These relationships help keep prisoners safe from violence at the hands of the state by demonstrating that there are those on the outside who are paying attention to what happens to them. Toward this end, we will be holding space for people to learn about and write letters to prisoners. We'll provide stationery, postage, info on prisoners, and introductory materials on how to write to prisoners. Even if you can't commit to ongoing correspondence, please come and write a one-off card or draw a picture to send. Please feel free to use our resources to write to your own friends and family behind bars.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] From Darkness to Light, from Bondage to Freedom: The Power of Religion to Liberate People
    with IU Interfaith Association

    This workshop is an invitation to hear about and learn how the major religious traditions of the world have been a force for justice, equality, inclusion and compassion in times of repression and oppression. Participants will reflect upon what we can learn from this rich body of liberation, and what historic strategies we can embrace in our own time, in our place, in our own life.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Beyond Abolition: Prison Demolitionism & Autonomous Struggle Against Prison Society

    In this workshop, we will explore the potential for struggle against prison on both sides of the walls. Drawing from experience in prisoner solidarity projects, we will present an open proposal for anti-prison struggle that is: centered on prisoners' self-determination; autonomous of political parties and non-profit organizations; holistic in its analysis of prison society; and revolutionary in its desire to destroy prisons, capital, and the state in their entirety.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] All We Are Saying Is Give Democracy a Chance
    with Tomi and Jim Allison

    Join Tomi Allison, former mayor of Bloomington, and Professor Emeritus Jim Allison as they use the outcome of the past election to make a case for democratic reforms to current anti-democratic practices. The workshop will critique voter suppression, gerrymandering, and the two-party system and make the case for non-partisan districting, automatic voter registration, rank choice voting, and proportional representation. The workshop will provide concrete examples of recent problems and successes, allow for plenty of Q&A, and expose our state’s complicity in suppressing the vote via ALEC.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Solidarity with Standing Rock
    with Laura Reagan, Kelly Tudor, and Kevin Locke

    Join a panel discussion about Standing Rock led by indigenous activists from the Bloomington community. They will share information and best practices for respectful solidarity, with an emphasis on discussing the immediate and sustained threats posed by the incoming administration. Come prepared with questions about what is in store for Water Protectors and how to provide support and aid in their struggle to guarantee that water remains life.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Accountability: Beginning the Conversation
    with Sam Harrell and Lindsey Badger

    All of us cause harm and we will all experience harm at some point in our lives. In our society, we often rely on the criminal injustice system to evaluate and adjudicate harms. Yet many harms are not crimes and many crimes are not necessarily harmful. But harms demand a response. How might we more readily account for and respond to harms in our communities? Using models and materials developed by queer people of color (i.e. INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence and Project NIA), we'll explore accountability models that are accessible and located outside of the university or criminal procedures. The more tools we have, the safer communities we can build.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Know Your Rights
    with National Lawyers Guild

    This presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of the freedom of expression and assembly, as expressed in the Constitution of the United States through the Bill of Rights. Learn how to avoid arrest at a protest, rally, or direct action and what to do if an arrest occurs. Workshop facilitators will be able to answer questions pertaining to rights and freedoms but cannot provide guidance on planning civil disobedience or other unprotected acts of resistance.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Labor Models of Organizing and Resistance
    with Dr. Joe Varga

    The Industrial Workers of the World labor union can be an effective model for organizing and resistance. In particular, this workshop will teach participants what a general defense council is, what it does, and how we might replicate one outside of a union structure.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] The Revolution Will Be Accessible
    with Krystal Cleary, Karin Willison, and Leslie Rowland

    Learn how to make events and protests more accessible for people with disabilities. Learn what disability means and why activism is so important to those with disabilities as well as how you can accommodate the wide range of disability experiences to enable everyone who wants to participate be a part of the revolution. You will come away with concrete strategies to make every event one in which people with disabilities feel included and welcome. This workshop will be inclusive and demonstrate proposed methods.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Healing the Self, Healing the World: A Poetry Workshop
    with Willy Palomo and Adam Henze

    When everything is burning around us, poetry can help find the words to remind us to celebrate our survival, love one another, and find the courage to fight. The first part of this workshop will emphasize writing and reading poems that focus on healing the self by owning our stories and re-envisioning our traumas. The second part of the workshop will use poetry to help imagine an idealized society free of tyranny, hatred, and injustice. Since fighting the system requires endless endurance and indefatigable hope, we encourage participants of all ages and levels of experience to learn how poetry can help us heal ourselves and heal the world. Participants are asked to bring writing utensils & paper

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Conditional Inclusion, Belonging, and Citizenship: Activism & Action
    with Dr. Amrita Myers, Dr. Michelle Moyd, and Dr. Ellen Wu

    This teach-in will untangle the complex relationship between citizenship and belonging, and suggest ways for activists to involve themselves in helping people realize full citizenship. Citizenship supposedly confers belonging in the United States, but many factors impede people’s abilities to exercise full citizenship. We will familiarize participants with the idea of conditional inclusion as a way of helping them prepare for activism around questions of citizenship and belonging. The three presenters will briefly address the topic from different historical vantage points, and then engage the participants in individual and small group exercise.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Disrupting Victim-Blaming Culture
    with Sam Harrell and Evelyn Smith

    74% of sexual assaults are committed by an acquaintance or a dating partner. However, many in our community believe strangers commit the majority of assaults and that survivors are often to blame. When several women were assaulted on local running trails, Sheriff Swain suggested women arm themselves and use a buddy system. How do we respond to survivors in ways that are empowering? At this workshop, participants will engage in a series of activities aimed at debunking sexual assault myths, supporting survivors, and brainstorming acts of resistance to local rape culture.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Zones to Defend: Anarchist Territories from Exarcheia to the ZAD

    Exarcheia is a rebellious urban neighborhood in central Athens that is home to countless squatted collective houses, anarchist social centers, free clinics, and self-organized refugee housing. La ZAD, is a 4000+ acre land occupation in western France against a proposed "green" airport that has grown to encompass dozens of small communes, permaculture farms, bakeries, free produce markets, a pirate radio station, weekly newspaper, daily workshops, and the sprouts of a different way of life for hundreds of people. In this workshop, we will be presenting firsthand stories and images from these two concrete experiments in living together without, and in direct defiance of, the state and their police. We will close with small group breakout discussions about the viability of similar experiments in the US and the challenges we might face.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Building a Community Tool Library
    with Ryan Conway

    Whether it's building a raised garden bed, fixing a chair-leg, or building a bird house, folks need the right tools for the job. But since most of us don't need tools—especially power tools—more than once or twice a year, why would any of us invest a lot of money into buying them? Join us in building Bloomington's first general-purpose tool library! From finding out what the community needs, to raising funds to purchase tools, to organizing community construction workshops, you'll jump right in to making local tool lending work for the whole community.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Taste the Waste: Reclaiming the Wealth in What We Throw Away
    with Bloomington Food Not Bombs

    While 13% of Americans live in food-insecure households, a whopping 40% of our country’s food goes to waste—and one quarter of that waste occurs at the retail level, long before food even reaches the consumer. This workshop will give participants a glimpse of what food waste looks like in Bloomington, and it will invite them to draw connections between food waste and systems of oppression. Local activists will introduce strategies for salvaging and redistributing our discarded wealth, and participants will work together to envision a system in which our abundance of good, healthful food would be accessible to everyone—a system in which dumpster diving would be obsolete.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Music, Social Movements, and Social Debate: A View from the Americas
    with Javier León

    In this workshop we will focus on the role that music can have as a vehicle for social commentary, reflection, and community building, particularly during challenging and uncertain political times. Through focused listening and playing, we will examine different examples from the America, as a means of identifying both implicit and explicit ways in which music can have impact on social debates. We will conclude with a round-table discussion with participants to reflect on the what lessons can be learned from the history of music and social movements and how can they be made relevant for these contemporary times. Musical instruments are both welcome and encouraged.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Countering State Repression

    A discussion of strategies and tactics for countering state repression and para-state violence. During times of social unrest, oppressive systems protect themselves by clamping down on rebellious populations. From the punitive deportations of anarchists in the 1910s to murder and disruption of the Black Panthers in the 1960s, the state has proven willing to even break its own laws to preserve law and disorder. Activists, radicals, and rebels should be aware of how to counter and resist repression and present-day NSA information gathering, and this workshop aims to begin that conversation before it’s too late.

  • [SEATS AVAILABLE DAY-OF] Intro to Activism and Creative Organizing
    with the Inaugurate the Revolution team

    In this session we will go over some basic principles of successful activism: from picking a fight to developing strategies to choosing tactics. The session will conclude with hands-on practice of organizing an activist campaign. No prior activist experience necessary.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Poetry of Protest & Resistance: A Workshop
    with Dr. Catherine Bowman

    In her book of essays The Life of Poetry, Muriel Rukeyser tells us that “A poem invites you to feel. More than that: it invites you to respond. And better than that: a poem invites a total response.” In this workshop we will look at the ways that writers past and present have responded to sexual, social, racial, and political injustice. There will be generative writing prompts as we in turn, respond to the readings through the lens of our own experiences and perspectives. We will look at poems by Emily Dickinson, Yeats, Linton Kwesi Johnson, William Blake, Walt Whitman, Rita Dove, Joy Harjo, Bob Marley, Gwendolyn Brooks, Bob Dylan, Wislawa Szymborska and others. This workshop will serve as a space to explore the revolution within and without. And think about the role of the artist in responding to injustice. All are welcome.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Feminist Activism: Approaches and Tactics
    with Amanda Stephens

    For countless years the world over, women’s liberation movements have embraced a spectrum of tactics to gain equality, from those that operate within the political-legal system to those that dismiss the system and seek to transform cultural beliefs while building from the grassroots. These tactics were fledged according to the diverse cultural settings the women existed in and how they chose to understand their condition. This workshop will examine how feminist strategies have worked and how they came about.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Climate Change and Intergenerational Politics
    with ReinvestIU

    During the 4 major-party presidential debates that took place this past fall, not one question about anthropogenic climate change was asked–not one! Was this because climate change is an issue of such limited consequence that there was no reason to talk about it? Or because it is a 'long-term issue' that we, as a global community, have plenty of time to address? If only! In this workshop, we will dig into the basics of the terrifying science surrounding this issue and will sketch a roadmap for effective action.

    Learn more about the host: ReinvestIU

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] The Power of the Call
    with College Democrats at IU

    How can we make it as difficult as possible for Trump to implement his agenda? Ultimately, the establishment will have to feel the heat of the grassroots resistance. This session will equip attendees with knowledge of how to most effectively pressure their representatives from the local all the way to the federal level. Key items in content will be canvassing, methods of contact, and finding an official's issue positions and voting record. The people are the strongest force to hold elected officials to the highest standard. It's time to ensure these bureaucrats hear our voice and act in our favor

90-minute sessions

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Practical Police Abolitionism for a New Era
    with Micol Seigel

    How can we mitigate the damage and minimize the impact of police during the Trump regime? Come discuss practical strategies fueled by radical hopes to combat vindictive reactions to dissent, mass deportations, border walls, and other inroads of creeping authoritarianism.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Moving Beyond Capitalism
    with Adam Scouten, Prester Drury, June Darka, and William Vanden Dries

    This session will present critiques of capitalism and how to move beyond it with a basic understanding of Marxism. The critiques will be applied broadly, as well as to local issues. Discussion and questions will be encouraged throughout the session. The session will end with recommendations for local actions that seek to bring critiques of capitalism to material action.

  • [SOME SEATS AVAILABLE DAY-OF] Youth-Led Advocacy
    with Prism Youth Community

    Join youth leaders from Prism Youth Community as they discuss how to make your activism not just youth serving but youth led. Special focus will be on how to help reduce risk factors for marginalized groups of youth by engaging them more fully in leadership roles. Youth presenters will discuss their advocacy work within schools, particularly as it applies to creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ teens. This workshop will provide a model for how you can empower youth and build leadership skills in your own home, work, or organization.

    Learn more about the host: Prism Youth Community

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Founding & Joining Alternative Business Enterprises: Worker Cooperatives and B-Corporations
    with Marc Bogonovich

    Capitalism tends to exploit both workers and the external environment of a company. In recent years, movements are gaining strength that aim to generate business enterprises with substantially different purposes and political structures than traditional C-corporations. In this workshop, we'll introduce two of these types of enterprises, B-corporations and Worker Cooperatives, and discuss their similarities and differences with contemporary capitalist enterprises. Participants will then explore how to join or build their own alternative enterprises.

    Workshop participants are asked to bring laptops, if possible

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Building Solidarity by Sharing Time: An "Economy" That Works for Everyone
    with hOUR Bloomington TimeBank

    We propose building a community that grows relationships and cultivates solidarity through an alternative "currency:" Our time! Our aim is to build an alternative economy - a solidarity economy - that enables individuals and entire communities to be more resilient, connected, and self-sufficient by offering new ways of thinking and valuing time, wealth, and community. This workshop will provide an introduction to time as currency, discuss the five core values of time-banking, and engage in small group problem solving in order to identify how such a system can function and thrive in our community.

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] Reproductive Justice in Practice: Building Empathy for Social Change
    with All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center

    Over the course of a lifetime, many of us experience pregnancy, birth, abortion, pregnancy loss, infertility, adoption, and/or various paths to parenting. These experiences inevitably influence how we approach our activism around reproductive justice, and how we are able to listen to and support others with different experiences. Having the tools to take care of our own needs, identify and set aside our biases, and provide truly unconditional support to others can transform our approach not only to reproductive justice work but to conversations and relationships throughout our lives. By grounding the complexities of pregnancy and decision-making within an intersectional framework, the workshop facilitators will introduce participants to the tenets of reproductive justice, and challenge them to think about how compassionate all-options pregnancy and parenting support fit into social justice work. In this workshop we will use a variety of interactive exercises and discussions to explore participant values, learn ways to deal with our own judgments, and share skills and tools for supporting people in all their reproductive decisions, feelings, and experiences.

    Learn more about the host: All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center

Two-hour sessions

  • [SOME SEATS AVAILABLE DAY-OF] Defending Public Schools
    with Cathy Fuentes-Rohwer, Samantha Hedges, Bradley Levinson, and Ben Robinson

    Speakers will address the foundations and social commitments of public education, potential federal and state policies on the horizon, and the implications for higher education. As a group we will brainstorm and strategize about actions that we can take to defend public education in our state.

    Learn more about Indiana Coalition for Public Education—Monroe County

  • [REGISTRATION CLOSED] At the River I Stand: Reclaiming MLK (screening & discussion)
    with Dr. Joe Varga and Dr. Alex Lichtenstein

    The California Newsreel review of At the River I Stand declares that the 58-minute documentary “skillfully reconstructs the two eventful months that transformed a strike by Memphis sanitation workers into a national conflagration, and disentangles the complex historical forces that came together with the inevitability of tragedy at the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. [It] brings into sharp relief issues that have only become more urgent in the intervening years: the connection between economic and civil rights, debates over strategies for change, the demand for full inclusion of African Americans in American life and the fight for dignity for public employees and all working people.” Join us for a screening of the documentary and a following up question-and-answer session with Dr. Alex Lichtenstein, a professor of History at Indiana University.

  • [MANY SEATS AVAILABLE DAY-OF] Screenings of Short Films
    with Jess Levandoski, Middle Coast Film Festival

    The following films cover a broad range of justice issues.

    Director: Julian Marshall
    Runtime: 00:02:05
    Synopsis: On November 9, 2016, New Yorkers took to the streets to protest Donald Trump's victory. This short documentary chronicles the events of that night and provides a vision for the future.

    Directors: Gerard Bush & Christopher Renz
    Runtime: 00:03:56
    Synopsis: This short social justice film features Michael K. Williams, Michael B. Jordan, Danny Glover, and Van Jones to highlight racial injustice and police violence in the USA. The PSA was created for Harry Belafonte's social justice organization, Sankofa.

    Director: Gregg Baethge
    Runtime: 27:00
    Synopsis: A group of street people in Austin, TX edit, write, and distribute their own newspaper as a way to help get them off the street. The Challenger Street Newspaper improves their lives by helping them to earn a living in an environment where job opportunities are virtually nonexistent, but it does much more than that. It gives them somewhere to belong: a community that transcends the homelessness around them. This film, shot over the whole of 2015, was created to shine a light on the beautiful work that these people are doing everyday.

    Director: Josh Polon
    Runtime: 00:09:16
    Synopsis: He's a $10/hr farmhand, and his name isn't Andy.

    Creator: Divided Films
    Runtime: 00:08:24
    Synopsis:This film features water protectors from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and allies trying to stop the 1,100-mile Dakota Access Pipeline - DAPL. Interviews in the film include Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s Chairman Dave Archambault II; Jodi Gillette, former White House advisor for Native American Affairs; Ladonna Allard, founder of Sacred Stone Camp; Winona LaDuke, founder of Honor the Earth; and Cody Hall, Red Warrior Camp spokesperson.


    Creator: Lambda Legal
    Runtime: 7:44
    Learn more
    Synopsis: At 92, Robina Asti, a WWII veteran and pilot, tells her story of living as a transgender woman since 1976 and her fight to be treated like any other widow.

    Director: Matthew K. Firpo
    Runtime: 20:00
    Learn more
    Synopsis: A small team of filmmakers set out for Greece, documenting human stories from the frontlines of the European Refugee Crisis, focused on humanity and hope. The world was changing and we found ourselves at a crossroads in history, so we set out to help in the way that we knew best - with the telling, and sharing, of stories.

    Director: Alex Bohs
    Runtime: 4:37
    Get involved #DisarmHate
    Synopsis: Over 2,000 Angelenos mourned together during the weekend following the Pulse Massacre of queer/trans latinx & individuals of color in Orlando. This video takes place on the steps of City Hall and on the dance floor of Precinct DTLA to demonstrate how a grieving community came together in love and anger.

    Directors: Adam Dietrich, Varun Bajaj and Kellan Marvin
    Runtime: 34:00
    Synopsis: A series of racist acts prompts three Mizzou students to pick up cameras and take us inside the student movement that brought down their college president. From the hunger strike, to victory, to the fear of violent reprisals, we live with the students who started a campus revolt.

    Creator: FilmBuff
    Runtime: 4:57
    Synopsis: The right to assemble and speak out is written in the constitution. But do rallies and civil disobedience really provoke policy changes? This documentary takes us into the street to meet the people who "rage against the machine" and "speak truth to power."

  • [SOME SEATS AVAILABLE DAY-OF] Peacemaking in a Violent World
    with Bloomington Peace Action Coalition, Just Peace Task Force, International Women's League for Peace & Freedom

    In the first part of this two-part workshop, David Keppel will look at global conflict in a Trump administration, including Donald Trump's threatened war against Islam, his plan to scrap the nuclear deal with Iran, his alliance with the far right in Israel, and his threat to accelerate the nuclear arms race. Don Lichtenberg will discuss the relation of climate change to war. We will consider positive alternatives on these issues and plan specific efforts to lobby Congress. In Part Two, Margaret Squires, a licensed psychologist and therapist, will lead a group exploration in non-violent communication in an age of anger. How do we make contact across barriers, be they of nationality, class, race, gender, age, or ideology? How do we practice and demonstrate deep listening, establish common ground, and share deep convictions? Finally, Margaret will discuss the concept of Shared Security, developed by the American Friends Service Committee, as an alternative to traditional geopolitics, and we will discuss opportunities for education and advocacy in the community.

    Learn more about the hosts: Bloomington Peace Action Coalition, Just Peace Task Force, International Women's League for Peace & Freedom

  • [SOME SEATS AVAILABLE DAY-OF] Screening of Killswitch

    Director: Ali Akbarzadeh
    Runtime: 72 min
    Synopsis: This award-winning documentary explores the threat Internet censorship imposes on free speech, innovation, and democracy.

    We will be holding an informal conversation about the film after the screening.

    Learn more about Killswitch

Extended sessions

  • Personal Information Security Workshop [DROP-IN]

    Come and learn about small steps that you can take to better protect your data and devices with Indiana University's Digital Preservation Librarian, Heidi Kelly. Select resources are gathered together here: http://guides.libraries.indiana.edu/infosec.

    with Nicci B and local artists

    This 3-hour workshop is open to anyone interested in the critical role that art plays in movements for liberation, and is accessible to all mediums, skill levels, and disciplines, including conceptual artists, crafts people, performance artists, commercial artists, and "non-artists" alike. Beginning with an inspiring visual lecture focusing on social justice through public art, participants will be exposed to a multitude of ways that creatives can subvert dominant narratives and build community through (even temporarily) altering the world around them.

    Participants are encouraged to bring an art-making tool they are comfortable with (a digital camera, a computer, their body, their favorite Sharpie, etc.) and will be able to collaborate with like-minded individuals to conceptualize or create an original piece of work by the end of the workshop. Mark-making tools and paper will be provided.

  • Sacred Activism Space [DROP-IN]
    with Sunrise Hive

    Sacred Activism Space is an opportunity to enter a silent temple space and light a candle—or just take a moment to re-ground and take a breath with others in our activist community.

    You are an activist, which means you are choosing to take action for the benefit of the wider community. But between your acts of radical love and protest, you can also benefit from taking a moment to breathe, to ground, to re-center as part of your activism. To re-member your motivation, to take a moment and re-connect with why you are taking action and rising up. To restore your energy... so you may boldly continue the movement.

    Sacred Activism Space is curated by Daun Evema, owner of Sunrise Hive—a center for tarot readings, community circles, and divine feminine spirituality exploration. Daun is a guest lecturer on the occult at Indiana University and is a local instigator of womyn’s self-empowerment, along with other wyld wimmin who facilitate community workshops and circles at Sunrise Hive. Daun is also co-curator of Iris Camp, a yearly camping festival geared toward re-connecting with our embodied selves in community.

    Location: Sunrise Hive, 205 N College Ave, Suite 016, lower level of Graham Plaza. Across the street from Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse.

    Time: Drop-in hours from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

  • Peace, Please! An End-of-the-World Art Show for the Beginning of the New World [DROP-IN]
    with Kristy Haunn, in association with the IU Young Greens

    Cultural observers express concerns for modern day disasters and begin to bring us into a New World of compassion and awareness. Location and time TBD.

    Learn more about IU Young Greens

  • Project Work [DROP-IN]
    with local mutual aid and service organizations

    Details forthcoming.

  • Direct Action [DROP-IN]
    with Bloomington Solidarity Network

    Details forthcoming.